Siobhan Carney-Nesbitt

Speech Language Pathologist

Mrs. Siobhan Carney-Nesbitt, MA, CCC-SLP

Speech and Language at Home

These are uncertain times for all of us. We look forward to working with you to make the best possible use of the current situation. Due to diminished community resources and opportunities to socialize it is important to keep our children engaged and maintain a sense of consistency and routine. While my colleagues are providing you with more definite daily lessons, it is more difficult to provide daily/weekly speech lessons. Completing classroom lessons daily is of the utmost importance; however, in doing so there are numerous ways you can engage and encourage speech and language development and growth daily. 

  • Talk to your child. 
  • Read to or with your child daily. 
  • Identify and incorporate use of sight words, spelling words, and vocabulary words into daily activities and conversations. For example, when reading books aloud, have your child point to and say the words he or she recognizes or knows.

By asking a variety of WH (who, what, where, when, why) questions about homework, play, and books, you are providing your child the opportunity to practice storytelling, engage in problem solving, and make inferences and predictions. Please check out some recommended activities and resources under Useful Links. These links provided ideas for articulation practice, vocabulary and language development, sequencing, and problem solving.

I am very proud of my colleagues and the faculty and staff here at Bolton Central School. We will all continue to do our very best to keep your children on track academically. Please note that should you have questions/concerns, I am available by email or scheduled telephone consultation. [email protected]