Career Development and Occupational Studies

Business/Computer Education

Introduction to Occupations
In this required course, students are taken through the career exploration process beginning with a personality mosaic to determine strengths, weaknesses and interests. Topics covered include resumes, job interviews, banking, insurance and computing in the career world.

Web Design
During the first weeks of the course, students are introduced to keyboarding. From there, students are introduced to web design using Macromedia Dream Weaver. As the year progresses, students are required to create iMovies which are embedded into student web pages and finish with advanced web design skills such as photo galleries and image maps.

E - Commerce
Students focus on business aspects using the web and learn applications such as iMovie video design, PowerPoint presentations, Dreamweaver web design, Photoshop photo manipulation and the integrated features of Claris Works such as word processing, drawing, painting, spreadsheets, graphing, desktop publishing and slide show presentations.

Desktop Publishing
Students reinforce their keyboarding skills before creating desktop publishing projects such as CD covers, magnets, bumper stickers and Tee shirt designs. The second semester of the course focuses on the art of videography as the students create projects such as a public service message and a senior graduation video.

Applied Communications
Students pair up with different teachers for activities such as e-mail, PowerPoint lessons, Webquests created using Dreamweaver and a community video project using iMovie. Students will also have the opportunity to teach computer skills to adults in the community. Students will also learn and produce and perform in podcasts to further enhance learned communication skills.

Mathematics and Financial Applications
Mathematics and Financial Applications is a course taught in conjunction with both the Business Education and Mathematics departments that is designed to prepare students for life after high school. This course does qualify for math credit towards graduation, but offers no Regent exam credit. Students will work to improve math skills and develop an appreciation for factors affecting finance. Students will investigate investment returns and interest payments for loans, particularly credit cards and mortgages.

Family and Consumer Science

Family Concepts
This course is a required course for students in the eleventh grade. The course is twenty weeks long and meets twice a week in the classroom and online using The course studies child development through the age of 3, parenting skills and careers involving children.

Family Consumer Science 7
This course is a required course for students in the seventh grade. The course meets three times a week for an entire school year. The focus is on life skills involving self, family, friends, and community. Careers are explored along with goal setting and decision making skills so students can make an informed choice in their career choice for life. Other topics include keyboarding, babysitting skills, cooking skills and sewing skills.

Library Media and Information Skills

Elementary Library
Elementary students have a once-a-week scheduled library class where they are exposed to a variety of library resources and activities at grade appropriate levels. In addition to this weekly visit, classroom teachers may schedule additional time as needed to meet the information needs of the students. Borrowing of books and other resources is an integral part of every class.

Grade 7 Information Skills
This class meets once a week for instruction in information literacy skills. The instruction is designed to be collaborative with all curriculum areas in order to support the increasing information needs of students. Included in the instruction are literacy activities, database use, research activities, information problem solving, search strategies and use and location of library materials.

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