Introduction to Occupations (9th Grade)

NYS DOL (green card and blue card)
Google Docs/Cloud Computing
How to Dress for an Interview
How to Tie a Tie
Google Interview Questions
Illegal Interview Questions
USA Jobs
35 Things to Avoid at Your Job Interview
A World Without Taxes
Budgeting (Biz Kids)
Pic Monkey
Pizap Photo Editor
Simple Mortgage Calculator

Household Income Info (wikipedia)
edu.glogster Tutorial (YouTube)

Monster Job Search
Indeed Job Search
Career Builder
Sample Cover Letter
Union Product Boycott
Verizon Picket
Professional Athlete Strikes

Mortgage Calculator
References That Work (video)
Newspaper Generator (Classified Ads)
Crossword Puzzle Maker
Newspaper Creator
CNN: Hostess CEO Interview
How to Find a Job Using Online Classified Ads
How to Create A Help Wanted Ad
Dream Car
How to Pay Cash For Your First Car
The Truth About Car Payments
6 Tactics of a Use Car Salesman
Buying a New Car? 5 Tips You Need to Know
Investing Calculator (Dave Ramsey)
Dave Ramsey Rants About the Stock Market
12 Tips to Make the Most of Your Job References

Quick Online Budget
How to Reveal a Fake Facebook Account
Fake Facebook Profiles: Are They Legal? Can I Get in Trouble?
Faking social media accounts could lead to criminal charges
Don't Fake Facebook
Student Interest Survey
Activity: Balance Your Checking Account
Jobs in New York State that require a license
Occupational Information Network

Net Smartz
Google: Basic Search Help
Holland Personality Mosaic
U.S. Department of Labor: Bureau of Labor Statistics

Dealing with Bullying
Career Cruising

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