2nd Graders Are Problem Solvers!

2nd Graders Are Problem Solvers!
Posted on 03/12/2018

As part of the New York State K-2 Engineering Design Science Learning Standards, Grade 2 students planned, built and evaluated their own Leprechaun Traps. 

In class, the students discussed the problem: Prevent the leprechauns from entering and making a mess of the Grade 2 classroom.  The students worked together and explored different ways they could create a contraption that could catch a leprechaun. 

At home, each student drew their design and gathered materials needed to create their contraption. Thank you to our second-grade families for working together with their young learners. Students made predictions on whether or not they thought their creation would work. The students also evaluated their designs and named both strengths and weaknesses of their designs.  

In class, the students shared their contraptions and set them up in strategic locations around the classroom. They were also able to share with their classmates what they enjoyed most about designing their Leprechaun Traps.  

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