4th Grade Students Step Back in History

    4th Grade Students Step Back in History
    Posted on 03/10/2023

    Having a historical site  in one’s own backyard is a true privilege. Having museum historians come on site makes for a fun and educational day! Our 4th graders recently shared a   with Fort Ticonderoga historians.

    During the lesson, historians helped students better understand the lives of American soldiers on America’s northern frontier in the early years of the Revolutionary War. This program incorporates history, geography, and math.

    Costumed presenters explain the group of soldiers they represent and discuss the events leading up to the American Revolution. One of the topics includes a map of the northeastern colonies and significant waterways are identified to provide geographic context to the region. Students are encouraged to compare soldiers’ enlistments to a multi-month camping trip. Students make a list of personal items they would pack for a camping trip or sleepover and discuss which of the items existed at the time. Presenters show and discuss the 18th century equivalents in addition to teaching about the individual military paraphernalia (bayonet belt, cartridge pouch, powder horn, etc.) soldiers would carry with them. In addition, soldiers also carried a knapsack filled with all their personal items. Actually seeing and handling these materials, students gained a better understanding of the weight soldiers carried as they marched tens of miles a day.

    Presenters then guide students through mathematical equations to calculate the weight of food for an entire regiment over a term of enlistment. Students determine the optimal method for transporting that amount of food, underscoring the geography surrounding Ticonderoga.

    This kind of hands-on learning is a great experience for our students!

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