7th & 10th Graders Learn Life Lessons

7th & 10th Graders Learn Life Lessons
Posted on 06/08/2023

With the end of the school year and warmer weather, students will be driving to jobs and visiting and traveling with friends and family. The most important responsibility anyone has while operating a vehicle of any kind is paying close attention to one’s surroundings. Sadly, the consequences of driving under the influence are ever present. Understanding how alcohol impairment influences an individual’s senses and mobility are important details that can contribute to making decisions in the future.

School Resource Officer Jeff Webster worked with Health teacher Bianca Hoose to provide 7th and 10th grade health students the opportunity to experience how impairment can be compromised while under the influence.

Students in both classes experienced taking an Alco-Sensor test and other actions to test sobriety. In addition, Officer Webster was able to secure a pair of Fatal Vision®  Goggles. These goggles are intended to educate wearers about the consequences of impairment. The glasses simulate the effect of a blood alcohol content of .07 - .10+. Students volunteered to put on the glasses and try to walk on a line, stand on one foot and a variety of other tasks that test vision, reaction time and judgement; actions that become more difficult when under the influence.

This prevention tool is significantly more effective when it is actually experienced by an individual. The hope is that experiences will serve as a preventive method to change attitudes and reduce drunk driving behavior. Thank you, Officer Webster and Mrs. Hoose, for helping our students better understand the impacts of driving under the influence!

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