BCS Youth & Government Students Earn Leadership Roles & Accolades!

    BCS Youth & Government Students Earn Leadership Roles & Accolades!
    Posted on 03/27/2023

    The best way to understand how this country’s democracy works is to practice it.

    Thirty-two Bolton Central School students traveled to the Capitol to present, debate and lobby for Legislative Bills. Some the issues that were presented included instituting a standard of prenatal care in the prison systems of New York state and a potential regulation requiring schools to survey student feedback at the end of each school year. Other issues that were discussed were requiring a self-defense module as part of physical education for all students, and the bill voted most outstanding by the Youth & Government, student elected, Governor was regarding hydrogen pumps!

    Perhaps one of the most outstanding turn of events during the program was the election of Bolton Central School Junior, Tyler Trowbridge to the position of Lieutenant Governor for next year’s conference! All offices are voted on by the student attendees of the conference. With more than 500 Youth & Government student participants attending from throughout New York state, leadership posts traditionally go to districts with large regions. As a member of district 3, Tyler was able to secure a large percentage votes beyond his own region. Gaining the confidence of the voting body is quite an achievement- congratulations Tyler!

    When students make the decision to become part of the Youth & Government program, they make a commitment to work on the crafting, presentation and ability to argue legislation in a clear and concise fashion. YMCA Youth & Government is a national program that involves thousands of teens nationwide in state-organized, model-government programs. Students have the opportunity to immerse themselves in experiential civic engagement and literally practice democracy. The program culminates with teens serving as delegates at their state conference, debating bills on the floor of this legislature.

    Every participant involved in the program has a specific responsibility and it was an exciting event for 1st time attendees as well as seasoned participants.

    Some of special accomplishments included; Nora MacInnis served on the Governor’s Cabinet as Commissioner of Health and received recognition for being the strongest debater. Jane Pfau served as a judge within the Judicial Branch. Jane and Tyler Trowbridge served as committee chairs at the conference, leading and guiding their fellow delegates in bill presentations and debate. Addison Kelley, Max Gollhofer, Michael Miller and Declan Dumas received an award for Outstanding  Bill. The bill involved an act to amend A1466D, a tax subsidy for businesses that own and operate a hydrogen pump. Ila Hubert, Nora MacInnis, and Tyler Trowbridge have been invited to the Conference on National Affairs (CONA), with Jane Trowbridge as an alternate. Also chosen for a leadership role with a unanimous vote, Ila Hubert will preside as the 2023-2024 Editor in Chief of NYS Youth and Government Conference.

     We are very proud of our students’ hard work guided by their advisors Mrs. Denise Clark and Mrs. Tammy Soper. The appreciation this group of students’ shares for democracy is a mindset that will serve them well into adulthood. Watching members of this same group achieve leadership roles is an additional vote of confidence in our BCS youth. Congratulations to all!

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